The Benefits of Prioritizing Your Supply Chain Relationships

In light of the recent tariff announcements on steel and aluminum, we think it’s vitally important to focus on supplier relationships and managing your materials resources with foresight.

The Benefits of Prioritizing Your Supply Chain Relationships

Is your industry facing changes and challenges? The strength of your relationships will help you pull through successfully. A strong and reliable machining-fabrication supply chain is dependent on the supplier being able to manage multiple phases and elements of your project such as:

  • Assessment – Review and understand customer requirements and goals, and current resources.

  • Planning and Strategy – Ensure the design meets your requirements and is workable throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  • Implementation – Efficiently manage production, quality control and change management, and delivery of product deliverables.

Supplier improvement and optimization is a process we’ve been working on for decades which has been paying off in many ways including materials reliability and speed of finished goods to market. Please click to the full article on Forging Strong Supply Chain Partnerships

Learning What’s Important from Manufacturing Engineers

This past February 21st, our company had the pleasure of hosting a smart and inquisitive group of engineers from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Southern New Hampshire Chapter No. 327 for a plant tour. We learned some valuable insights from these men and women, and wow, did they ask some good questions!Learning what’s important to the engineering community, not only technologically, but also from a service and support perspective, is highly valued and appreciated by the GMFCo team.

We were pleased to receive a follow-up from SME indicating that members who attended the tour were impressed and took away an additional understanding of precision manufacturing technologies and processes. Rick Atkinson, Secretary of the local SME chapter noted, “…we are certain your ability to manufacture such a wide variety of products, and with such precision and attention to detail, will continue to provide you with much growth and success.”  Likewise, we thank Rick and the entire group from SME – Southern NH for visiting our plant and engaging us in some great discussions.

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