Learning S.T.E.M. from M.A.Y.H.E.M.

GMFCo Continues to Support Local FIRST Robotics Team

Building a functioning robot is all about applying Science, Technology and Engineering as well as Math (STEM) to solve the problems associated with mechanical implementation. You need to design and fabricate working parts to build a physical machine that functions as intended.

GMFCo, along with several other companies, is instrumental in supporting Milford Area Youth Homeschoolers Enriching Minds (MAYHEM), more specifically, the Mechanical Mayhem First Robotics team. These students need quality components to build top ranking robots.

If you happen to be interested, there are always opportunities for businesses to help M.M. and other FIRST teams in New Hampshire and around the country.

FIRST Robotics, founded by Dean Kamen, inventor and businessman, started in 1989 and is based in Manchester, NH. It’s a “public charity designed to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology, and to motivate them to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM fields.”

The Crucial Importance of STEM

Properly applying STEM to your parts designs assures they will work. Fostering STEM learning  rewards businesses with critically skilled people and helps build a better engineered world for all of humanity. This is why we’re so happy to be participating in the FIRST Robotics program!

We are always amazed at the ingenuity of Mechanical Mayhem, the aforementioned FIRST Robotics high school team that we sponsor. We work with their CAD drawings, much the same as we would with our professional engineer clients, to produce finished metal parts for their robots. The only real difference is that our student engineers are more fun to work with (no offense to our professional customers).

The Future of Industry

Youthful and creative energy, along with the spirit of competition, bring fresh perspectives to our shop each year and now we get excited every spring when the FIRST Robotics Competition gets going. In fact, we recently completed parts fabrication for Mechanical Mayhem’s 2019 robot and we really enjoyed working with these kids and their teachers.

We’d like to share part of a note we received from our team. “Thank you so much… We truly appreciate your generous donation to Mechanical Mayhem… through your contribution… mentors teach and inspire young adults to creatively use software, hardware and power tools to design, build and program an industrial-size robot to compete in high intensity tournaments… Thank you again for investing in their future.”

If you would like to support Mechanical Mayhem or learn more about and how they are helping area young people learn and develop STEM skills, visit their website at www.mechanicalmayhem.org. If you happen to be an educator interested in helping students learn about careers in metal fabrication and manufacturing, feel free to call (603) 889-2600 or contact us online.