GMFCo Open for Business as Critical Infrastructure Workforce

Customers, employees and suppliers of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Co. can be assured that our company continues its operations according to CDC safe distancing as well as personal and workspace hygiene protocols.

As an essential supplier to our defense, transportation, power generation & transmission and communications infrastructure, our people and their ingenuity are needed to provide vital manufacturing services to several key contractors. We are grateful and humbled by the fact that our manufacturing services are needed right now. It’s “game on” at GMFCo!

Our nation is mobilizing to fight a pandemic and that’s going to affect how we do things for a while. As business leaders, we need to mobilize our teams to focus on the right priorities and provide them with the reassuring certainty that the future will be okay. Issues are being addressed and new opportunities are being created. It’s our job to remain calm, get informed and make measured strategy adjustments as needed. Collaboratively, we can deliver a more certain future to our teams.

According to memos from the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, many essential products & services are needed at this time and producers must continue operating, some at an even greater capacity. While there are folks who need to stay home or work remotely, their skills are still being utilized. Keep in mind that demand for some products and services is going through the roof in response to urgent needs and those industries are hiring right now! Perhaps new and more fulfilling careers will be discovered by some of the temporarily displaced.

large maching, RF slotted pole antenna masts

We are deeply concerned for those who’ve gotten sick and their families. At the same time, we remain calm and optimistic as our healthcare and medical professionals perform phenomenal work. We’re practicing safe social distancing (6 feet +), washing hands frequently and monitoring our personal health. Anyone with the slightest cold or flu symptoms must NOT come to work and get care if necessary.

During times like this, we are reminded of our company motto and why it’s been so valuable to us over the years. “Where others see problems, we see opportunities.”

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Here to help as always.

-Jack Gilchrist

Growth Opportunities Continue at Gilchrist Manufacturing

Growth Opportunities Continue at GMFCo

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company has been quietly growing, and by quite a lot. As we continue to expand our capabilities, even more significant opportunities have opened up to us.

While we cannot be specific regarding some of the larger business developments, we can make the following general announcement:

Expanded Qualification Creates New Opportunity

GMFCo was recently approved to manufacture and furnish a category of products and services that support our men & women in uniform, pursuant to the strict laws and regulations of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) governing such engagements. 

New bridge mills recently installed at our Hudson, NH facilities

Total Team Effort

We are extremely proud of our entire team for stringently maintaining the high quality, safety and security standards required for compliance and approval to furnish critically important components for equipment needed to support our troops. 

As a veteran-owned company, it’s hard for us to find words that are worthy of expressing our appreciation and gratitude but we can come up with at least two. Thank you! This goes to all of our customers, employees and contractor-partners as well as the men and women who serve our country in uniform.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about large machining and metal fabricating challenges. Feel free to contact us online or call (603) 889-2600 to speak with a specialist in large precision machining, bending, cutting and welding services.

Amenities Construction Takes Shape with GMF Fabrications

Amenities Construction Takes Shape with GMF Fabrications

A luxury apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York differentiates its offerings with unique amenities designed and built by NYEG Corp. All metal fabricating for the architectural and amenities construction at The Denizen Y, located at 54 Noll Avenue in Brooklyn, was produced at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating.

It was a pleasure working with the designers and builders at NYEG. In collaboration with their team, GMF custom fabricated unique metal fixtures and components for seamlessly integrated amenities featured throughout The Denizen Y project. The results could make almost any architect blush.

If there was one key word that could explain why GMF was chosen for the architectural and ornamental metals for this project, it would be capabilities. Very few independent fabricators have the size, capacity and variety of equipment combined with the experience that we offer. That’s why this New York firm came to New Hampshire for the metals. Strategically, we tend to put ourselves out there when it comes to sophisticated and challenging jobs.

As the metals supplier for this million square-foot project, GMF helped NYEG build more than 50 distinctive attractions, facades, surfaces and service centers, including:

  • • 7 fitness gyms
  • • 15′ X 54′ swimming pool
  • • 6 hot tubs (2 rooftop infinity tubs)
  • • 5 themed elevator concepts
  • • Bowling alley
  • • Rooftop urban farm
  • • Outdoor mini golf course
  • • Beer brewery
  • • Wine room/wine storage
  • • Chef’s/teaching kitchen
  • • Public park between buildings
  • • Arcade room
  • • Fireplace lounge
  • • Rock-climbing wall
  • • Playroom
  • • Card room
  • • Dog spa


The Denizen Y project showcases some of the most interesting (and fun) special amenities we’ve ever seen in an apartment complex, and If it involved metal, we made it!

As an example, look at this steel ribbon style railing that was fabricated in sections, then installed and finished for a beautiful seamless appearance (even while still under construction).

To learn more about this amazing property, you can visit the NYEG project page. If you have any questions about the metal work involved with building custom amenities for your residence or facility, feel free to contact one of our specialists online or by phone at 603-889-2600.