Full Service Aluminum Fabrication

Because you need it right the first time

Large Metal Fabrication

Every day, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company produces aluminum fabrications for customers in industries everywhere. For every project, time is of the essence.

Fortunately, we have time on our side. At GMF we’ve used our 30 years of experience to become an aluminum welding, machining, and fabrication resource that yields the time and cost savings every project can benefit from.

Whether your applications are on land, at sea, or in the air, GMFCO is the one-stop aluminum fabricator you’re looking for.

Benefit from a Different Kind of Aluminum Fabrication

The Gilchrist “difference” isn’t just experience, because experience alone never ensures quality. The real difference is what we’ve done with it.

That is, using our extensive experience to assemble industry leading project support, cutting edge technology, and machining expertise. This has allowed us to produce large, small, and complex aluminum fabrications for applications ranging from microwave testing and telecommunications to architectural design and beyond.

  • Our Ability: GMF regularly produces large and complex aluminum fabrications that other metal fabricators won’t.
  • Our Quality: Step by step, piece by piece. Our approach to quality is all-encompassing, from the earliest project management stages to packaging and shipping. In addition, ISO 9001:2015 compliant aluminum fabrication processes ensure quality and technical precision with every part.
  • Our Expertise: GMF has valuable experience providing highly complex and precise aluminum fabrications for architectural design, the military, medical, and the telecommunications fields.
  • Our Equipment: 5-axis precision milling and numerous large machining centers make the most complex specifications a reality for your part, while numerous finishes add the appearance and performance your applications need.

Our capabilities transform problems into solutions

The GMFCO Difference
Aluminum Fabrication Backed by Quality, Technology, and Ingenuity

GMFCO’s dedicated approach to custom aluminum fabricating makes every customer’s life easier. Why? Because before we turn on any machine, we ensure that every customer is confident that their project is in the best possible hands, from planning to delivery.

GMFCO continues to be the aluminum fabricating company of choice throughout the New England area and beyond. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the wide breadth of our capabilities.