New Hampshire based Large Capacity Machining Company Utilizes Industry leading Machining Technology

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCO), located in Hudson, New Hampshire is a nationwide provider of large capacity machining and large CNC machining. GMFCO’s president, Jack Gilchrist, has recently announced the implementation of refined machining practices to offer customers across the country more reliable, efficient, and precise large capacity machining.

Gilchrist says, “We’ve adopted the industry’s best practices so we can provide superior large machining.” He continues, “We also frequently update our large CNC machining equipment to ensure we can provide a wide range of large capacity machining, whether its simple or complex.”

In addition to industry expertise and state of the art technology, Gilchrist also explains that GMFCO utilizes Kanban. “By using the Kanban system for large capacity machining, we can fine tune our process to a higher degree. This helps us provide leaner and more efficient large and heavy machining, and adds value for our customers.”

By combining efficiency and expertise with 5 axis milling centers, Gantry machining centers, high speed vertical mills, and 70,000 square feet of working space, Gilchrist believes GMFCO is in a position to offer industry leading large capacity machining for customers across the country.

Established in Hudson, New Hampshire in 1975, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company has been a tireless innovator in the metal fabricating and large capacity machining industry. Despite a crippling economy in 2009, GMFCO continues to thrive and provide customers with cost efficient large CNC machining and metal fabricating. Today, Gilchrist is proud to announce a continued initiative to attain an even higher level of quality and precision. For more information email or call 603.889.2600.