Manufacturer of Large Metal Fabrications

Leading Metal Fabricator

Metal Fabrication is a process that many may be entirely unaware of, however—Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company in Hudson New Hampshire has established itself as a leading metal fabricator across the country. What’s more is that they’re continuing to take steps to make the company even better. Most recently the metal fabrication company has made steps towards going green.

Often, whenever anyone thinks of recycling or greening initiatives, they don’t think about industrial companies and metal fabricators like GMFCO. They picture instead the energy intensive forming, machining, welding, that takes place to produce metal fabrications for companies across the country. However, as Jack Gilchrist, president of Gilchrist Metal Fabrication Company says, “I don’t know who recycled on a large scale before those working in steel.”

Even in a struggling economy, Gilchrist maintains that GMFCO has had the opportunity to continue moving forward as a metal fabricator, not only by embracing greening initiatives such as using 100% renewable energy but by offering potential customers state of the art metal fabrication equipment to accomplish some of the hardest and most technical metal fabrication jobs. Gilchrist says, “It wasn’t a matter of cutting back or downsizing, but making sure we could do things better, faster, and more reliably.”