Robotic Welding Enhancements

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company, of Hudson, New Hampshire has recently made valuable additions to the company’s robotic welding services.

Contact: Jack Gilchrist, President
Phone number: 603.889.2600

At Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company, welding has always been a frequently provided service for customers in markets ranging from the communications industry and architectural design to oil exploration and power generation. However, a national shortage of welders in 2012 necessitated a renewed focus on fast and effective welding automation. This had lead to the introduction of numerous robotic welding enhancements at GMFCO’s 70,000 square foot metal fabrication facility for greater capabilities ranging from part handling and speed to overall efficiency.

Among the many enhancements to robotic welding equipment at GMFCO, upgrades and additions have included several new fixtures and add-ons for use in various automated welding operations. Additions like adaptive grippers and advanced vision systems have allowed GMFCO to drastically increase productivity for welding on a wide variety of parts, components, and fabrications. As Jack Gilchrist, President of GMFCO explains, “This doesn’t just improve the return on investment we get from robotic welding equipment; it also helps us more quickly and efficiently provide welding for our customers.” Gilchrist adds, the presence of multiple fixtures and robotic welding peripherals also enables technicians to program the machines for more complex welds with a high degree of repeatability and precision.

“By using multiple fixtures set up at the same time, we can reduce changeover time to just a few keystrokes. This ensures that we can give more customers their parts when they need them.” Gilchrist also explains that the many new fixtures and peripherals added to robotic welding equipment at the company’s Hudson, NH facility also allow GMFCO to be more cost effective and competitive. He says, “Now more than ever, businesses want manufacturing done faster and cheaper. Fortunately, robotic welding helps us meet those demands – especially when it comes to fabrication jobs that require highly repetitive welding.”

According to Gilchrist, the company staffs and continues to add to its experienced team of welders. This gives GMFCO the human touch Gilchrist says his company will always value. Even still, robotic welding represents a valuable side of the fabrication process that helps provide the fast and effective welding needed for high volume projects.

GMFCO’s robotic welding capabilities provide welding up to 40” x 40” x 120” with a max weight of 550lbs per pallet. Inherent benefits of robotic welding include the increased accuracy that comes from fully programmed welding as well as improved consistency and repeatability for shorter lead times. GMFCO regularly provides robotic welding for materials including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and more.