New Hampshire Fabricating Company Aims to Make Manufacturing Safer and Greener with Newly Introduced Metal Bending Processes

When customers from the marine propulsion industry approached Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company with a seemingly impossible metal bending project, they didn’t know quite what to expect. They were pleasantly surprised when Jack Gilchrist, President of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company, was eager to take on the difficult metal bending task, explaining that their New Hampshire metal fabricating company had “built a reputation undertaking the most challenging metal bending projects”– projects, Gilchrist explains, many fabricating companies wouldn’t even consider or be capable of, given the limitations of their equipment.

Over the last 30 years, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company’s metal bending services have served over 30 markets from marine, architecture, and communications industries to metal bending for artistic endeavors—helping customers create everything from propellers, requiring the highest level of precision, to sculptures, needing a level of expertise and attention to detail, Gilchrist explains, “you can’t find everywhere.”

Gilchrist says, “Our press brake capacity of 750 tons and 20 feet gives us a lot of flexibility” combine that with GMFCO’s machining and fabricating abilities and any limitations concerning metal bending quickly seem to fade away. Gilchrist also explains that GMFCO sets itself apart with a keen interest in understanding exactly what a customer’s needs are. As he explains, a metal bending project done by the right company will yield a customer whatever they need. On the other hand, in the wrong hands a metal bending project can also become “a huge waste of money.” Gilchrist explains his company has done everything possible to always provide the former as opposed to the latter—not only to protect the customer’s investment but to provide metal bending that will ensure products are safer and more reliable.