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One Heck of a Hobby Shop!

Make it or buy it? Manufacturing products in-house brings many benefits. Good customers appreciate what they can get faster and more reliably – a lesson Jack Gilchrist learned when he made the decision to bring a machine Image removed by in-house to his metal fabrication plant in Hudson, New Hampshire. It made a huge impact on productivity and customer service.

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating (GMF) is a world class metal fabrication shop that can do just about anything for a wide range of components, subassemblies and OEM customers. If it’s made of metal, GMF can roll it, bend it, twist it, bump it, cut it, weld it, grind it, form it, drill it, CNC machine it, finish it and more – all under one roof. If your “hobby” is industrial contract manufacturing, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating is where you can really go to town, and probably have some fun!

Take it easy and get it done!

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The company that makes things easier for customers gets the lion’s share of repeat business and word of mouth referrals – pure gold in diversified contract manufacturing. This philosophy has served 3 generations of Gilchrists and their customers very well. A friendly, laid back atmosphere is combined with an intense interest in metal work of all kinds at GMF. A typical walk of the shop floor will show an amazing diversity of product and building components in various stages of formation. You’ll likely see managers, foremen and shop techs huddled to work out the perfect customImage removed by sender. solution for a customer, creative manufacturing solutions becoming evident in their grins.

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Not holding back any pride for his company and people, Jack Gilchrist said recently, “Everyone on our team works here because they like being part of a diversified, hard working metal shop. We really enjoy this stuff.” He further proffers, “We like finding the ideal solutions to fabrication challenges that other shops might shy away from. We actually want the complex and the difficult work. We’ve invested in people, skills and equipment to handle it.”

Examples of GMF’s work range from such common fabrications as custom metal rails and precision parts to the very unusual such as protective deepwater drill housings, X-ray machine components and one-of-kind architectural metal structures. They work expertly with iron, bronze, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc and various alloys.

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What do you need to know?

The goal of this newsletter is to bring informative and helpful ideas about metal work to our customers and the metalworking industries. We wanted our first issue to reintroduce our brand and business philosophy. Metalwork Mettle is designed with you in mind. We promise to bring you information you can use on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas. (603) 889-2600 | [email protected]