Machining Investment by Metal Fabricating Company

Recently Acquired Machining Equipment Expands Machining Capabilities


Company cites that offering both fabrication and large machining in one-shop is value-added benefit for their customers

HUDSON, NH, April 6, 2009 – Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company,, a leading manufacturer of large metal fabrications and machining services located in Hudson, NH, recently acquired equipment for machining large parts that expands their in-house machining capabilities to service a diverse customer base. As a precision medium-gauge fabrication house, GMFCO can provide large part machining services for customers that many competitors are unable to accommodate; and can also offer customers both fabrication and machining in one facility.

“Our most recent expansion in an adjacent 36,000 sq. ft. building provides us the necessary space required to machine large parts, many of which can be as long as 75 feet, and weighing over 15 tons,” expresses Jack Gilchrist, president of GMFCO. “The large machining centers we’ve added include a large Toshiba horizontal boring/milling machine in addition to our two Quickmill gantry machining centers.”

Gilchrist also adds that the key to effectively producing a large machined part that meets their customers’ specification begins with the set-up. At GMFCO machinists are highly skilled at handling the equipment to ensure that each large part is properly aligned during machining; and are also adept at fabricating large machine parts that meets its customers’ challenging design requirements. Throughout the machining process, machinists employ a rigid series of quality inspections to ensure precision is achieved with each large machine part they produce, as even a change in thermal expansion could compromise the structural integrity of large machined parts.

“We’ve been able to accommodate our customers’ complex large part machining needs. But our customers also realize the added benefit of GMFCO’s in-house capabilities to offer them both machining and fabrication services in one facility-this allows us to manage the entire production process in-house which maintains part quality and reduces their costs. Also, due to GMFCO’s proximity to many of our customers throughout the Northeast, shipment costs may be reduced as moving large machined parts can be very costly to transport,” remarks Gilchrist.

GMFCO services a wide range of industries to include but are not limited to television broadcasting, construction, semiconductor manufacturing, food processing, paper-pulp processing, bulk material handling and many others. Companies interested in learning more about the benefits of contracting with GMFCO for the large machined parts needs are encouraged to contact us.