GMFCo Adds Large Capacity Double Column 5-face Machining Center

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company is literally growing through the roof as we vertically expand our 70,000 square foot facility to accommodate the height of a newly acquired AWEA Double Column 5-face Machining Center. Locating this new bridge mill for optimal work flow requires a building modification – raising the roof – to accommodate the machine’s height of approximately 25 feet.

GMFCO 5-face machining center

Key to our business strategy is remaining among the most capable fabricators in the Northeast. In keeping with our commitment to solving the largest fabrication challenges in New England, we made the decision to invest in larger, high speed machining capability. This capital investment allows us to pursue larger scale projects in such industries as defense, marine & ship building, architectural metal, general construction, bridge construction, power generation and other large industrial applications.

This equipment acquisition changes the metal fabricating game here in New England. GMFCo will soon provide advanced, high-speed large size machining services beyond what has been readily available in the market. We’ll have in house capability to machine parts as large as 275’’ long by 157’’ wide by 96’’ high, weighing up to 44,000 lbs.

What does extra size and speed mean for you?

With its large capacity tool changer for milling and drilling tooling as well as multiple 90 degree angle heads and state of the art material handling system, GMFCo customers will now have a single point source for large machined fabrications. Very large and complex shapes will be produced more efficiently within tighter production schedules. Higher capacity and favorable logistics for New England contractors and manufacturers will give them a more competitive edge in the months and years to come.

When it comes to offering our new 5-Face Machining size and speed capabilities to our customers, you could say that our excitement is “through the roof!”

Jack Gilchrist talks enthusiastically about what’s just around the corner for his company and customers. “Having more control to meet the turnaround requirements of large scale and high volume machined parts offers our customers a better one-stop service proposition.” Construction and equipment installation plans are underway with new machining production capacity expected by early May.

If you have questions about our new production capacity feel free to contact us at 603-889-2600 | [email protected]