Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company Overhauls Architectural Fabricating Capabilities

Over the past months, spending in building, construction, and manufacturing slowly grew across the country as builders and architects have started moving forward with plans that might have been shelved due to the weak economy. With this in mind, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCO) of Hudson, NH has leapt into action.

According to Jack Gilchrist, President of GMFCO, “We’ve been fortunate to have worked on a few major architectural projects over the past year, and with a possible upswing in the future for that market, we’ve taken every step to be the best possible option for architectural fabrication and architectural metalwork across the country.”

With large architectural fabrication and architectural metal work contracts completed for prominent building projects in places like Las Vegas, Nevada, Gilchrist is positive that GMFCO is “more than ready” for the challenge of being an architectural metalwork and fabrication provider for, “building projects of varying sizes and complexities across the country.”

Possessing years of experience providing metal fabrications ranging from components for the offshore oil industry to intricately machined art and architectural installations, Gilchrist is confident that his metal fabricating company is equipped with the tools and expertise to meet the needs of a building climate that appears to be gaining momentum.

Gilchrist continues, “We have the in-house capabilities to provide all the large metal bending, cutting, and forming needed, whether for intricate railings or custom architectural components.” He also ads, “and shipping just about anywhere is also never a problem.” So as more public and private building projects continue to gain momentum across the country Gilchrist has continually made sure that GMFCO is, as he describes, “Ready for it all.”

Based in Hudson, New Hampshire Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company opened its doors in 1975 and, according to Gilchrist, continues to look for more ways to make every aspect of business “better”. From adopting green manufacturing methods to constantly streamlining architectural fabrication processes, GMFCO continues to move forward within the industry.