Metal Fabricating For Energy Efficient Green Business Practices

When it comes to all the things we use and come into contact every day, it’s likely that they’ve all passed through some type of machinery. From metal products and electronics to food and the products that consumers come into contact with every day, in some way they have all been shaped, formed, and molded by metal fabricating. For industries across the country-especially in this economic climate- quality metal fabricating can mean the difference between a good product and a waste of time and money.

According to Jack Gilchrist, president of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company in Hudson New Hampshire, every effort is made to “identify and understand what the customer needs, so we can meet or exceed those needs, that’s the value we provide when it comes to metal fabricating.” In this way, GMFCO offers its customers much more than what they expect. Gilchrist explains that his company not only provides “metal fabricating for just about any industry” but “energy efficient green business practices and state of the art technology,” as well as “all the resources customers need, and some they didn’t even know about.”

To illustrate the broad reach of metal fabricating, Gilchrist explains that GMFCO offers metal fabrications for architectural, commercial, industrial, marine, broadcasting, food processing and many other markets. However, he also demonstrates the wide scope of the trade by explaining that the company also performs metal fabricating for use in art, signs, and more.

Contract Assembly by Metal Fabricating Compan

Contract Assembly Services Improve ROI


Company cites supply chain integration improves time to market and offers customers costs-savings

HUDSON, NH, April 6, 2009 – Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company,, a leading manufacturer of large metal fabrications and machining services located in Hudson, NH, recently announced the expansion of their manufacturing capabilities to now include contract assembly service, offering customers a one-stop shop production solution. GMFCO’s contract assembly services are a cost-effective process to deliver a higher quality end product as the supply chain integration consolidates the number of vendors required to manufacture a piece of equipment, as all manufacturing takes place at its 70,000 sq .ft. facility.

“At GMFCO, we are always assessing trends in the manufacturing industry and also invest in new machining equipment to ensure that we are effectively meeting the demands of our customers, particularly in these challenging economic times. The major benefit for customers in hiring us for their contract assembly needs is that it results in both reduced production costs and allows for more quality control throughout the entire production process as everything is managed under one roof by our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff,” states Jack Gilchrist, president of GMFCO.

Engineers looking for more productive methods in the manufacturing processes of their equipment without compromising quality are strongly urged to consider outsourcing contract assembly services with GMFCO; as not only does contract assembly services result in lower production costs and increased productivity but it also reduces the lead time to market given the in-house capability of GMFCO to manage the entire assembly of equipment rapidly and efficiently.

The company also offers both metal fabrication and machining services, which positions GMFCO as a leader in the manufacturing industry as they offer a wide breadth of services that many of their competitors are unable to match. With the addition of contract assembly services, it further demonstrates the commitment to continually finding new and innovative services that can be delivered to its diverse customer base.

GMFCO services a wide range of industries to include but are not limited to television broadcasting, construction, semiconductor manufacturing, food processing, paper-pulp processing, bulk material handling and many others. Companies interested in learning more about the benefits of outsourcing with GMFCO for their contract assembly services are encouraged to contact us.