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Robotic Welders - Automated Arc, Spot and Mig Welding Robots

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Robotic Welding Services

Pallets of parts that were welded via
automated robotic welding last night,
staged for their next operation while
the robot welds a different part during
the day
Robotic Mig Welding

Robotically welding a clamp segment made
up of ¼”, ½” & 2” thick carbon steel plate
and bar
Welding Robotics

Robotically welding a clamp segment made
up of ¼”, ½” & 2” thick carbon steel plate
and bar
Robotic Welding

Multiple fixtures set up simultaneously,
reducing change over time to a few
“keystrokes”, insures the customer will
get their desired parts on time
Robots Welding

The robotic welding torch in home position
with freshly loaded fixtures moving under the
robot to begin welding whilst the previously
welded fixtured parts rotate to the unload-
reload station maximizing Arc on time
Robotic Welding Systems

A days worth of parts from the robotic
welding cell increased our throughput
400% over our best mans efforts

We Can Meet Your Robotic Mig Welding Needs

When you need welding, you're concerned with accuracy, quality and cost efficiency. For many projects, robotic welding is the ideal solution. Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCO) is a leading provider of high precision robotic mig welding for everything from industrial machinery and general metal fabrication to architectural welding and welding for parts that go on to protect our troops in Afghanistan.

The quality welding robotics you need, the support to go with it and the assurance your deliveries will be on time.

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with robotic welding that consistently takes advantage of the latest welding robotics technology, the most experienced technicians and comprehensive quality control. When you need robotic welding services, you can be sure the welding we deliver meets or exceeds your quality expectations, while also helping you stay under budget.

Robotic Welding with Refined Experience
and State of the Art Equipment

We can provide you with robotic welding services that provide more than just precision and reliability - but cost efficiency, fast lead times, and unmatched quality control as well. To deliver you the quality robotic welding you require, GMFCO employs AWS certified welders, a certified in-house welding inspector, and multiple welding stations to meet an extremely wide variety of welding needs.

Our goal is to be your long term provider of robotic welding. With that in mind, we deliver robotic welding with the quality you need - when you need it, regardless of volume or complexity.

The benefits of robotic welding at GMFCO

  • Increased accuracy: full CAD / CAM capabilities enable our technicians to provide extremely accurate robotic welding at tight tolerances.

  • Greater consistency: long run robotic welding allows for accurately cut and formed parts and fixtures. We've provided precise welding for long run parts for years.

  • Superior repeatability: with our state of the art technology, robotic welding at GMFCO allows for high levels of repeatability, shortening lead times for high volume projects.

  • Increased throughput: the high throughput of robotic welding makes it easier for GMFCO to meet ongoing delivery dates - so you get what you need, when you need it.

  • Robotic welding on multiple axes: welding on up to 5 axes allows for faster delivery and more efficient robotic welding.

  • Robotic welding for virtually any shape: We can provide you with robotic welding for everything from flat sheets to cylinders, and virtually any shape that can fit over a mandrel within our 10 pallet changer.

  • Tight tolerances for custom projects: robotic welding services at GMFCO can provide welding up to 40” x 40” x 120” with a max weight of 550# per pallet

  • Expansive welding capabilities: with multiple welding stations to suit a wide variety of specifications, GMFCO can handle even the most challenging robotic welding jobs.

  • Fast Lead times: robotic welding allows for increased productivity due to our advanced equipment as well as the inherent repeatability and efficiency of the robotic welding process.

Robotic Welding for a variety of specifications and materials:

Our equipment and expertise have both been tested and proven when it comes to delivering robotic welding of every size and complexity, and we're proud to offer some of the most advanced robotic welding services available.

Materials we provide robotic welding for include…
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • And more…
Robotic welding for the results you need

No matter what industry you're in, if you need quality robotic welding at a competitive price - GMFCO can deliver it. To request a quote or learn more about robotic welding at GMFCO, CONTACT US today.

Robotic WeldingRobotic Welding Services Call 603.889.2600 or email us to learn more about robotic welding services today!